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If your meals are not being cooked thoroughly, don't wait for your stove to repair itself.

It's an inconvenience to not be able to prepare home cooked meals for yourself and your household. When you call us, we can be at your home on the next available appointment.

You can count on prompt and efficient service, each and every time. When you need local range repair, or range parts in Overland Park KS let us handle it.

We can get you cooking again fast, and your kitchen back to normal once again. We specialize in different kinds of range repair.

We service all brands, makes, and models of stoves. Give us a call today and we can be on our way on the next available appointment to find a solution for you.

Let us uncover a remedy for your stove repair issues. Avoid the inconvenience of not being able to cook meals for yourself and for your family.

Whether you think your stove may be broken, or if your food is not being cooked all the way, we can assist you. Our main specialty is in all types of stove repair services.

Our focus is primarily in diagnosing issues, replacing range parts, regular maintenance, and cheap stove repair service. We service all brands and models of stoves.

When you think you may best need range repair services, give us a ring! We'll be there to hone in on a solution as soon as possible to get your stove working again like a charm.

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Let's discuss what not to do when trying to clean your gas stovetop or range. First off, completely avoid putting water on the top surface because if you put enough it can cause the igniter to stop working. Of course, you can use a wet cloth but don't simply pour water over the stovetop. Next, you should definitely avoid using a spray cleaning solution on the display board / control panel. Further, pointy objects should not be used to unclog the burner holes. A gentle toothbrush will work much better while some objects can break off and get stuck inside.

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